Why Does Your Water Smell Strange?

Filtering the water will remove the contaminants that can make you sick, even if you can’t see them.

Why Does Your Water Smell Weird?

Your water should always be pure. Filtering the water will remove the icky contaminants that can make you sick. One reason why you may be reluctant to drink your water is that it has a strange smell. Let’s look at some situations that are common in the Tampa Bay region and the reasons why this is the case. 

Water Smells Metallic 

One reason your water could be polluted is if it contains heavy metals. An easy way to determine if this is the issue is if it smells unusually metallic. You need iron, zinc, and manganese in your body, but these minerals can get into your home’s water supply through old pipes. Plus, there could be lead in your water, and you wouldn’t even know it. If you are worried about this common issue in the Tampa bay area, call the Tampa water treatment expert at Cass Plumbing .

Water Smells Moldy 

Mold and moisture are a toxic mix. Any source of water can be a buffet for mold growing in places you can’t easily find it. This problem is most often caused by algae blooming somewhere. If it can affect your swimming pool, then it can show up in your pipes too.  

Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs

You know that strong smell when eggs go bad? It’s because they can release hydrogen sulfide. That sulfur smell is gross, and it can also affect your water. Rotten-smelling water can also curb your desire to stay hydrated. Hydrogen sulfide can corrode your pipes, weakening them and causing them to turn black. If your water has a sulfur smell to it, call the Tampa plumbing professionals at Cass Plumbing. We’ll come right out and solve the problem. 

Water Tastes Salty 

Gargling with salt water is a great way to deal with a sore throat. Usually, you would add a pinch of salt to your cup. The tap water in your home shouldn’t taste like it’s full of salt. This weird taste comes from chloride in your water, left behind by sewage that has backed up into your water supply. If your water is tasting salty you should get your water tested immediately to find out if this is the real issue.

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