This is to thank and let all our much appreciated customers who participated in our $103 post card reviews reward program know, that effective May 17, 2016 this program will be discontinued.

This is to additionally let you know that on May 12, 2016, we postal mailed to each participant in our above mentioned program, the below letter offering our below shown $75 Gift Certificate Number 2005.

Dear Much Appreciated Customer,  _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Thank you for being a much appreciated Cass Plumbing customer and for having given us your customer review of our plumbing services.

This letter is to give you information on our new $75 Gift Certificate, shown near the bottom of this page. Our Certificate, in addition to all the following benefits, briefly outlined below, is what you can also receive, when you join our FREE Team Members Club.

With our FREE Team Members Club membership you get…

  • Get $209 and/or $50: Every third Magic Wednesday, of each month, we give away cash Rewards to 3 randomly selected Members of our FREE Team Members Club. We have already given over $10,000 to our lucky Team Members. All the information, rules and guidelines for our Magic Wednesday giveaways are detailed on our website at:
  • Get $60 or 20% OFF all your Cass Plumbing paid plumbing repair service calls (From our published residential rates only). Not valid with our Lowest Price Guarantee or any other discounts we may be offering.
  • Get over $500 in printable grocery coupons and local deals including local restaurant deals, when shortly after joining our Team Members Club, we send you an email giving you private access information to our Marketing Company’s Coupons & Deals website.
  • Get $50 Reward for each paid plumbing service call you refer.

(No Cass Plumbing Discount or savings offers may be combined)

$75 GIFT CERTIFICATE Number 2005 – This Certificate is only available, one time, to our customers who before May 18, 2016, postcard mailed us their written review of our plumbing services. To redeem, simply print and give this part of our letter to our Service Tech, at the time of your next Cass Plumbing paid service call. Additionally important, this Certificate is only valid to customers after first joining our Team Members Club. Customers may join our Team Members Club either with our visiting Service Tech or on our website, on the Home Page, within our Team Members Club Sign up Form. More, you need to let our Service Tech know whether you wish to apply this Certificate’s value against your paid service call or prefer we mail you a $75 Gift Card which you may use to spend on anything you may want – You may not do both. Nor, may you combine this Certificate with any Team Member discount or any other savings offers Cass Plumbing may have published.


Note:  This letter is to additionally let you know that effective May 17, 2016 we are discontinuing our Postcard Review Request Program, along with its monthly, randomly drawn cash reward giveaways. 

Thank you for being a very much appreciated Cass Plumbing customer.

Always, looking forward to giving you the best service possible, I remain

David Cass. Owner

Cass Plumbing, Inc.


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CP-Rep 5B-Postal letter to Postcard reviewers