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  • EXPOSED PLUMBING SYSTEM – We will visually inspect your plumbing to ensure everyone’s safety and only if necessary recommend improvements that will save you money and give you peace of mind.
  • WATER HEATER – We will inspect emergency water shut-off, drain valve, thermostat settings, gas/electric thermocouple, emergency gas shut-off, flue pipe and the draft.
  • SINKS, FAUCETS, TUBS, SHOWERS, DISHWASHER, DISPOSAL, TOILET – We will check for leaks. A small drip could waste hundreds of gallons of water and dramatically increase your water bill. We will check your aerators, handles, mounting seal, drain flow, trap/tubing, water supplies, water shut-offs, pop-up operation, strainer, disposal and dishwasher hose. Toilet test includes flush, seat, bolt caps, base movement, supply line, emergency water shut-off.
  • WASHING MACHINE – We will check your emergency water shut-offs, drains and hoses. Worn hoses could easily burst and cause huge flooding and expensive water damage.

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