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Repiping is a system-wide solution that allows you to take a comfortable shower, wash dishes and water the lawn at the same time. In fact, copper repiping allows you to use all faucets and fixtures at the same time. Copper repiping gives you great water pressure throughout your home, improves delivery of hot water, eliminates costly water damage repair bills and saves money on water lost to an inefficient system.

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  • Why Repiping? – There are several reasons you may need to repipe your home or business’s plumbing. Pipe deterioration in the quality of the pipes causes low water pressure, rusty colored water, or leaky pipes. And if you live in a hard-water area, lime and other mineral deposits may cause flow problems like slow warming of water to hot or inconsistent water temperatures. In older houses, you may even have lead pipes, which don’t corrode as easily but which do present a serious health hazard to children.Copper repiping by Cass PlumbingIn addition, because of a lack of scientific evidence on certain building materials during the building boom of the late 1940s and early 1950s, substances like polybutylene were used to pipe homes. These new compounds, while they seemed to be ideal inexpensive alternatives to copper and other expensive piping materials, are degenerating faster than expected, and may be reacting with chlorine and other substances found in the water supply in such a way that the interiors of the pipes are flaking off and washing away.

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