$103 Yours

After every 4 th paid service call, we will give you, our much appreciated customer, $103 off your next paid service call. Below is complete information on how you may claim your $103 Customer Appreciation Rewards, in addition to a copy of our Rewards Card. In order to claim your $103 Rewards simply use the form printed on each of our Rewards Cards, shown below, to record the dates of your first 4 paid service calls. Once the form is completed, on your 5th paid service call, to receive your reward, you are then required to give our Rewards Card, the Card with the completed dates form, to our Service Tech. Our Service Tech will then give you $103 off your paid service call. This is, in addition to a new replacement $103 off, Customer Appreciation Rewards Card.

Important additional information: Only paid service calls where we make a plumbing repair or replacement, may be included as a paid service call and added to the recording form on our Rewards Cards. Paid service calls including only our Special $55 After-Hours Emergency Service fee, Inspection fees, Diagnostic fees or Leak Detection fees may not be included.

Note: Our $103 off Customer Appreciation Rewards Cards will first start to be distributed on August 15, 2016. You may not record and show a date on our Card’s printed form earlier than August 15, 2016 or earlier than the date of your first paid service call, when our Service Tech first gave you our Reward’s Card. Nor, may you repeat any of the dates already shown on any of your current or previous Rewards Cards. Additionally important, all dates recorded on our Rewards Cards must be written using a ball point pen. To get your $103 off Rewards Card, you may either ask our visiting Service Tech or call us toll Free at 800-871- 7586 and we will mail you your Rewards Card. Our $103 Rewards Card may not be used in combination with any other savings offer Cass Plumbing may be offering.

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