5 Tips to Avoid Plumbing Disasters During Thanksgiving

As the Thanksgiving season arrives, many Tampa homeowners will be entertaining guests and that can cause added strain to a home’s plumbing system. Some preventative plumbing maintenance can help ease the burden on overloaded pipes.

Many Tampa homeowners are planning extravagant Thanksgiving dinners and hosting overnight guests, but not many consider that the additional water use from guest showers or the added meal preparation can overload a home’s plumbing system. Checking the plumbing is just as important as setting out the food. This should be something every Tampa homeowner does as part of readying their home for these events.

Cass Plumbing recommends the following:

  1. Check your home’s drains. Slow drains can turn into clogged drains as more people in the home use the shower, sinks and toilets. Make sure water is draining well and clean out any debris before guests arrive.
  2. Look for leaks. If there is standing water on the floor or a moldy or wet patch on the walls where pipes can be found, a leak maybe present. A higher-than-normal water bill can also signal a water leak. Homeowners experiencing any of these issues should check their pipes for leaks. If the homeowner is unsuccessful in locating the leak, a professional plumber has leak-detection equipment that can be used to help find it.
  3. Ensure your garbage disposal is working properly. With guests comes added food preparation and meals. Make sure the garbage disposal is grinding properly and not making odd noises before introducing more food bits for it to process. Food should be cut into small pieces before adding it into the disposal and food should be added in small doses with running water. Use a garbage disposal cleanser to keep the appliance in good working order and to freshen its smell before guests arrive.
  4. Service the water heater. If guests are spending the night, they probably will need access to warm showers during their stay. Water heaters need yearly maintenance to perform consistently. A professional plumber can perform a water heater tune-up to ensure it works well for both the holiday season and all winter long.
  5. Watch what is put in the drains. Don’t put grease down the sink and don’t flush anything in the toilet that was not meant to be flushed. Grease congeals and catches other debris which can clog drains quickly. Toilets are only meant for human waste and toilet paper. Instruct guests to throw wipes and other sanitary products into wastebaskets and not into the toilet.

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