6 Tips on How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Tampa homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to save energy, especially if it helps make their home more environmentally friendly. One of the ways we can accomplish both goals is by optimizing our water efficiency. 

Why Is Water Efficiency Important?

Clean, fresh water is scarce. According to the United Nations, 3.2 billion people already live in high water scarcity. On top of that, only 2% of the water on Earth is accessible fresh water we can use in our everyday activities, making it increasingly important we’re mindful of how we use water and seek ways to reduce how much we use whenever possible.

Here are a few reasons environmental plumbing is worth considering: 

  • More Frequent Droughts 
    As the demand for freshwater increases, we pull more from natural resources in lakes and rivers. As fresh water supply points dry up, the precipitation cycle changes and results in less rainfall in certain regions. Long-term dry conditions lead to droughts and more frequent wildfires.

  • Water Use Restrictions
    Water shortages lead to the need to manage reserves effectively. This could result in water use restrictions, limiting the access each household has to water. Low-flow fixtures will make water restrictions easier to live with.

  • Water Use Increases Energy Use 
    Between heating water and pumping it from the ground, your water use relies on electricity.

  • Water Bill Increases 
    Whether from unknown leaks or excessive water use, your water bill may be higher than it needs to be.

What Is Water-Efficient Fixtures?

Water-efficient fixtures are plumbing fixtures, such as toilets or showerheads, that are designed to use the least amount of water necessary to perform their function. This may be as simple as reducing 0.5 gallons per flush to 0.125 gallons per flush.

6 Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

While you look for ways to make your home more water efficient, consider these eco-friendly plumbing fixtures.

  • Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater
    Instead of wasting energy on heating a whole tank of hot water, tankless water heaters allow you to heat the water only as you need it.

  • Install Low-flow Showerheads 
    Low-flow showerheads use eco-flow plumbing to optimize the amount of water that flows through the head, while still offering good water pressure.

  • Replace Old Toilets with Low-flow Models 
    Toilets can be flushed using a fraction of the water older models require.

  • Replace Old Washing Machines 
    Clothes washers use the most water of our everyday appliances. Switching to a model that optimizes water use can make a dramatic difference.

  • Use the Most Eco-Friendly Drain Clearer: A Plunger 
    It may sound old school, but a plunger is an effective way to unblock drains and it doesn’t require excessive water to wash chemicals through the pipes.

  • Stop Water Leaks 
    What may seem like a minor leak may be decreasing your water efficiency more than you think. Stop dripping faucets and other water leaks, and you’ll conserve untold gallons of water.

Cass Plumbing Is Your Tampa Environmental Plumbing Partner

Water is too valuable to waste, and optimizing your home’s water efficiency can help save energy. When you’re ready to upgrade to high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, Cass Plumbing is prepared to help make your home eco-friendlier.

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