Cass Plumbing’s Comprehensive Guide to Checking and Repairing Leaky Hose Bibbs

As the balmy weather of Tampa unfolds, many folks are looking forward to rolling up their sleeves for some much-needed early summer cleaning. A critical component of these tasks is your outdoor faucet, or hose bibb, which may have been out of commission during the colder months.

At Cass Plumbing, we understand that hose bibbs are prone to cracking, which, if unnoticed, can result in significant water leakage. This wasted water not only adds up on your energy bills but can also lead to water damage and foster mold growth inside your home.

Here are some easy steps recommended by our Cass Plumbing experts to check if your hose bibb is damaged before you turn the water back on:

  1. Cover the spigot with your thumb or, for those with smaller thumbs, your entire hand.
  2. Proceed to turn the water on.
  3. If you manage to hold the water in, it indicates a possible crack in the piping where water is leaking out.
  4. However, if there’s too much pressure and you can’t hold the water back, your hose bibb should be in good shape!


A leaking hose bibb, whether visible or determined by our thumb test, may require a professional like our experienced Cass Plumbing team to locate and fix the issue. This could involve repair of specific parts of your hose bibb or the connecting pipes, or it may even necessitate replacing the entire structure. The severity of the damage will influence whether a repair or replacement is most appropriate. While repairs are less costly, they could leave worn components in place, risking potential failure in the future.


At Cass Plumbing, we’ve encountered all kinds of hose bibb problems, especially during spring or early summer. A leaky hose bibb or cracked supply line can significantly damage your home and increase your water bill.

If you suspect a water leak, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team at Cass Plumbing is always ready to diagnose and resolve the problem swiftly. We’re even equipped to install a new outdoor hose faucet promptly, should the need arise.

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