Gift Certificate


$75 GIFT CERTIFICATE Number 4005 – This Certificate is only available for our first time, paid plumbing repair or replacement service customers and only at the time of our Service Tech’s first service call. Additionally, the Certificate is only valid to customers after first joining our FREE Team Members Club. Customers may join our Team Members Club either online, on the “Home Page” of this website, within our Team Members Club Sign up Form or with our visiting Service Tech. Also, you need to let our Service Tech know whether you wish to apply this Certificate’s value against your paid service call or prefer we mail you a $75 Gift Card which you may use to spend on anything you may want – You may not do both. Nor, may you combine this Certificate with any other discount offers or Team Member savings Cass Plumbing may have published. Additionally, you may not use this certificate to pay towards our “Emergency Service Fees” or “Diagnostic Fees”. You may redeem this Certificate by simply giving the Certificate’s number to our Cass Plumbing’s Service Tech, at the time of your first paid plumbing repair or replacement service call.