Ultimate Guide: Preparing Your Plumbing System Before Vacation

The joy of embarking on a vacation can sometimes be shadowed by worries about home safety and maintenance, and a critical component often overlooked is the plumbing system. To help you ensure an incident-free homecoming, we present this comprehensive guide on how to prepare your plumbing for vacation. 

Plumbing System: Key Components 

For comprehensive care, we must first understand the core components of a plumbing system: 

  • Water Supply System: Delivers freshwater to your home. 
  • Drain-Waste-Vent System: Removes waste and maintains atmospheric pressure in the system. 
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures: Appliances that help in the distribution of water, such as faucets and showerheads. 

We’ll address each system’s needs separately, to provide the most detailed vacation-preparation guide. 

Water Supply System: Security Steps 

Shutting Off the Main Water Valve 

The first and most essential step is to shut off the main water valve, ensuring no water runs through the system while you’re away. This minimizes the risk of water damage due to leaks or pipe bursts. 

Draining the Pipes 

Post valve shut-off, open all faucets to drain water out of the pipes. Once the flow stops, close all faucets. 

The Drain-Waste-Vent System: Essential Preparations 

Cleaning the Drains

An unattended, clogged drain may breed bacteria, causing odor or even damage. Before you leave, use a reliable drain cleaner to ensure all waste is removed. 

Maintaining Ventilation 

Ensure that the vent for your system is clear of debris and functioning correctly. This prevents unwanted sewer gases from seeping into your home. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures: Thorough Checks 

Checking Faucets and Showerheads for Leaks 

A small, undetected leak could cause significant damage over time. Check all faucets and showerheads, and if you find any leaks, make sure to fix them before you leave. 

Insulating Vulnerable Pipes 

Any exposed pipes in your home, especially those on outer walls or unheated spaces, should be insulated to prevent freezing and bursting in cold weather. 

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Water Heater: Energy Saving Tactics 

Lower the Thermostat 

There’s no need for hot water while you’re away, so lowering your water heater’s thermostat will save energy and money. Some heaters have a “vacation” setting specifically for this purpose. 

Drain Sediments 

Draining a few gallons of water from the heater will remove any sediments that have built up, improving efficiency and lifespan of the unit. 

Checklist for the Day of Departure 

On the day you leave, a final walkthrough is advisable: 

  • Confirm the main water supply is off. 
  • Make sure all faucets are tightly closed. 
  • Ensure the water heater thermostat is lowered. 
  • Check that no appliances are running. 

Returning from Vacation: Reactivation Steps 

Your return home should also involve certain steps: 

  • Open the main water valve. 
  • Gradually open faucets to let air out. 
  • Return the water heater thermostat to its regular setting. 
  • Check for any issues such as leaks or pipe damage. 

Plumbing system back to normal
Through these detailed steps, you can ensure that your plumbing system remains in top shape while you’re away on vacation. Not only will this keep your home safe from potential water damage, but it will also contribute to your peace of mind, making your vacation even more relaxing and enjoyable. 

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