When a Water Main Leak Is Hillsborough County’s Responsibility or Yours

Municipal supply lines bring fresh water to our Tampa homes. They’re a vital part of everyday life, and one that we don’t often think about. Sometimes, these lines need to be repaired, or even replaced altogether. Depending on where the leak or issue occurs, the responsibility may fall on you, the homeowner, or the municipality. Here’s how to know whose responsibility a water main leak is.

County’s Responsibility

Your front yard may contain meters designed to determine how much water you’re using. A pipe runs from these meters to the water main, usually underneath the street. A service pipe connects you to the main line, providing water to your home.

Leaks that occur between the meters and the water main are usually the county’s responsibility. An exception to this would be if you don’t maintain the area around the meters, as they’re incredibly important to make sure you get water, and must be accessible to the county at all times.

Your Responsibility

As a Tampa homeowner, you actually own the water service lines that run through your front yard. As such, you’re responsible for the lines that run from the meters to your home. If there’s a leak in your yard, it’s most likely going to be your responsibility, and you’re going to need to call in a professional Tampa plumber, like Cass Plumbing, to take care of the leak.

Signs of a leak in your yard include pools of water on the ground, sinkholes, dirty water in your home, or an unusually high water bill. If you think you have a leak, turn off your water main supply, and contact a plumber as soon as you can. Letting a leak go can cause damage to your home, or your neighbor’s home and property.

8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Main Water Line

Professionals can help keep your water lines up and running.

Every day in Tampa water main problems occur. Water mains are complicated and require a professional to solve the problem. Having a licensed Tampa plumber, like Cass Plumbing, will insure that your water main is fixed properly the first time. For all of your water main and plumbing issues in the Tampa region, call the professionals at Cass Plumbing, you will be glad you did!

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